23/M/Groton, CT

Massachusetts expatriate.
Stationed aboard the fast attack submarine USS Pittsburgh, "the Ghost of the East Coast"



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  1. you were cooler before you were far out.

  2. Correcting someone’s grammar when engaged in discourse is the foulest, most egregious form of begging the question.

    Grammar nazism is fucking stupid.


  3. I’m more bored than I am hung up.

  4. xoghoul:

    It’s not premarital sex if you never get married.

  5. Call me, we’re going to Cat Power in an hour.

    Right now.

  6. Don’t trifle with me, WolframAlpha

    By “how many fluid ounces in one liter?” I did not want my answer in the cryptic unit of “ozf-in”, which, after spending some time playing with unit conversion, revealed itself to mean “ounces (force) - inches”

  7. A haiku about Mario Kart

    Are you kidding me
    Who the fuck threw that red shell
    I will fuck you up

    (Source: pathological)

  8. I don’t think veterans care about what civilians think they care about. Your 9/11 moment of silence isn’t for shit if, when the time comes, the GI Bill check doesn’t come.